Sunday, July 8, 2012

A MAM-mento

Would you ever guess that I made this pin from my bras?!!!
A friend called this my MAM-mento.

The weekend that I got my diagnosis and knew my cancer was back and that I was facing a double mastectomy, I cut almost all of my bras in half. (I kept two to wear up until the surgery.)  Because the cancer was in my right breast both times, I cut the lacy fabric from each right cup.  I ironed it onto pieces of HeatNBond and then ran those through my Cuttlebug with the Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die.  Once those were cut out, I ironed them to pieces of black and white tiny floral fabric.  I cut around the edges of each flower and began stacking them up, larger to smaller.  I used the sheep button in the center to sew all of the layers together with a heavy needle and doubled thread.  I then took two pieces of bra strap that had a nice lacy edge, gathered those, and sewed them to the bottom flowers for a ruffled edge on the brooch.  On the back of this I added one more large flower to cover up my stitching.  

I wore this pin to all of my appointments up to and including my surgery.  And I will continue to pin it onto jackets and vests whenever I have a medical visit scheduled.


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