Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Update

I spent some time at my sewing machine yesterday working on a disappearing nine patch quilt for Andrew.  I'm using fabrics that are bright green and blue prints.  I actually had all of the #2 Nine Patch squares done and recut--you cut them in the middle in both directions to make four smaller pieces.  I reassembled them yesterday afternoon.  I took them to my quilting class in Monmouth at 5 and ironed them all.  There are 17 finished squares.  I arranged them into a four by four pattern but I'm rethinking that and may see what three by five looks like before I start sewing the rows together.  I have a nice border and an interesting watercolor-look fabric for the binding.  I want to get the top assembled before next Monday so I can get some help pinning the layers together--top, batting, and backing fabric.  I'll have either one or two squares left over that I can use on a pillow to match.

Today will probably be another sewing day.  I think it's going to be too hot to do too much else.

This afternoon I have a retirement party to attend for awhile and then the follow-up meeting for the Greater Augusta Relay for Life at 6 in Augusta.

Tomorrow I'm off to Portland bright and early to have more fluid drained and my staples removed.  I also have to have blood work done in the lab there prior to the MRI that is scheduled for Thursday morning.

Hoping for cooler weather...or at least a cooling breeze off the pond.

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