Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chemo Start Date Change

My oncology nurse Cathy called today to say that one of the drugs I need for chemotherapy won't be here by Friday.  So...I won't start chemo until Friday, August 10th.  I think that's a good thing, since I've spent the last two days tearing apart these rooms I live in and rearranging for the umpteenth time, and stuff is still everywhere.  I guess I do that--move furniture and stuff around--whenever I'm facing something uncertain, when there are stressors in my life.  I guess cancer and chemo caused that kind of reaction this week in spades!

I went to see Tammy at Cut Loose this afternoon and she shaved my head.  One photo below with glasses and one without.

I really do like the look!  It's also going to be really easy to care for!  I expect what I have left will all fall out within the next three weeks.  I just didn't want big gobs of hair everywhere.

I saw my naturopathic doctor/Chinese herbalist/acupuncturist yesterday.  We've made a great plan for preparing for chemo and combatting the side effects of treatment.  We're also working on smoothing out my scar and minimizing the amount of scar tissue.  Looks like acupuncture every two weeks during treatment.  Buying a blender later today for making protein smoothies.

Have a schedule worked out with the Lymphedema Center starting next week, three days a week for three weeks to start.

I'm going to make a bunch of charts later to post on the doors in my living space.  It's going to be a full-time job just to do the exercises and other self-care as well as taking the meds three or four times every day--sort of reminds me of the job charts used in elementary school classrooms.  Let's see how many gold stars I can collect each week!

Have to print out new calendars for my chemo notebook today, too.  I find it's easier to keep everything in a ring binder--all of my appointments and a code for how I'm feeling each day recorded on the calendar page for each month.  That's lots of good info to share with my oncologist on treatment days and with the rest of my medical/support team.

Guess that's it for today.


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