Thursday, July 19, 2012


First of all, they tell you that you can bring your own music.  Not so for this scan as the tech has to keep asking me questions and telling me to hold my breath and then breathe.

I told the nurse that I was a hard stick when she went to insert the IV.  After blowing out one vein in my arm, she finally just went after one in my hand which I had suggested to her before she started.

They tell you your head will be outside.  Uh-uh.  Totally in the tube.  Feet first.  Head inside.
It's colder than a barn in there.  Even with a blanket, my feet were freezing.

I got coughing from lying flat between scans and had to be brought out of the machine at one point but I went back in, brave soul that I am, and we were then able to finish the tests.  

It's really noisy in the room all the time, sounds like loudly chirping birds.  And the noises inside the machine during scans are really loud buzzings and knockings.

Kept my eyes closed the whole time and kept imaging a large vaulted ceiling above me or I might not have been able to do this.  The only other MRI I'd ever had was in an open machine so this isn't exactly what I had pictured.  This is really more like what my machine looked like:
Expect that I will have results sometime Monday--scans need to be read my a radiologist and report posted to my oncologist.  So it's hurry up and wait.


Duke said...
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Andrew said...

Love you! Glad you survived the "boom tube" though it doesn't sound like that one "boomed" so much.